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Intellectual Property Law

Tungsten Law Center is one of the nation's premier IP groups. Tungsten Law Center is focused on leveraging their clients' intellectual property to help them succeed in the marketplace. Tungsten Law Center advises on the most effective ways to establish and develop IP assets and protect IP rights so that our clients can derive maximum benefit from these assets. From patents, trademarks, and copyrights to licensing, technology transfer, IP audits and IP asset due diligence, Tungsten Law Center provides portfolio management and strategic advice in acquiring and protecting valuable intellectual property. provide to the client. Tungsten Law Center represents clients ranging from large multinational corporations to individual inventors, authors and owners of creative works. Tungsten Law Center also assist clients in disputes regarding rights of privacy and publicity, antitrust and Internet and e-commerce issues. Unlike IP boutique firms that limit their practice solely to intellectual property matters, Tungsten Law Center is a full-service firm with attorneys supporting our IP lawyers in all practice areas, including litigation , tax, corporate law, customs enforcement, antitrust, employment, business and finance, bankruptcy, banking, personal financial planning, insurance, and securities. Tungsten Law Center uses a collaborative approach to leverage intellectual property assets to help clients achieve their goals without reiterating their business and objectives.

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Tungsten Law Center represents clients in patent acquisition directed to a wide variety of complex technologies, including biotechnology processes and products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, business systems and methods, computer systems and software, telecommunications equipment, optics and cameras, security and monitoring equipment, electronic instruments, blockchain, consumer products, consumables, packaging, chemical processes and products, and manufacturing processes and equipment, to name a few. Clients rely on the specific knowledge of Tungsten Law Center to obtain patent landscape and patentability analyses, prepare, file, and prosecute U.S. and PCT patent applications in all subject matters and disciplines, file appeals at the PTAB and Federal Circuit, counsel and manage strategic patent portfolios, and render validity/invalidity and infringement/non-infringement opinions. Tungsten Law Center also coordinate with our networks of law firms to secure and maintain patent protections. Tungsten Law Center combines litigation representation expertise, deep knowledge of patent law, scientific and technical talent, and a focus on our clients' business goals. We represent clients in enforcing their patents, defending against claims of patent infringement, and in disputes regarding inventor's rights and ownership of patents and patent licenses.

Copyrights And Trademarks

Tungsten Law Center helps clients obtain trademarks and copyrights, conduct research, and provide opinions on registrability. Tungsten Law Center files and manage thousands of trademark applications, current trademark registrations, and copyrights in the United States each year. Additionally, our firm works with a national network of law firms to file and manage thousands of trademark applications and registrations worldwide. Tungsten Law Center litigates trademark infringement cases in federal courts, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and the International Trade Commission across the country. Tungsten Law Center also has extensive experience in pharmaceutical trademark and trade dress issues. Tungsten Law Center represents copyright owners in litigation against individuals and companies selling infringing products. Tungsten Law Center also represents composers, authors, software developers, and publishers to protect copyrighted works from unauthorized copying, distribution, and performance.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets and techniques may be the various maximum precious highbrow belongings in a company, reflecting slicing area innovations, aggressive gain and the contributions of key personnel. Tungsten Law Center includes finished highbrow belongings, trial and employment attorneys who collaborate to address and solve alternate mystery problems and allegations once they arise, and to save you and preempt them wherein feasible. Tungsten Law Center endorses and recommends customers on excellent practices for alternate mystery safety and enforcement, and behavior and direct pre-litigation alternate mystery investigations the usage of skilled experts and slicing area forensic tools.

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