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Tax Law

Tungsten Law Center provides strategic legal solutions to the complex tax challenges our clients face regarding federal, state, local and international tax. Our transaction tax experience includes corporate selection and fund formation. Tungsten Law Center offers a wide range of advice, including advice on organizing pass-through companies for the purpose of income tax liability. Tungsten Law Center can also answer important non-income tax questions, including withholding taxes, excise taxes, sales and use taxes, gross receipts taxes, franchise taxes, and property taxes.

Our Expertise

Tungsten Law Center has deep domestic tax expertise, as well as extensive cross-border tax experience and knowledge. We aim to mitigate cross-border tax transfer scenarios through carefully considered tax planning and strategy development. In addition to experience in tax transactions, our tax team is also a skilled in tax disputes, dispute resolution, litigation, and appellate matters. Tungsten Law Center's approach to resolving tax disputes combines a deep knowledge of applicable tax principles with an understanding of the specific assessment, disclosure and collection procedures applicable to tax litigation, including the specific courts involved in the process. It is reflected. Our tax services work in conjunction with our private client services to ensure the benefits of future generations, including not only personal taxes and personal wealth planning, but also resolution of various issues related to inheritance and trust taxes. We also advise on the tax implications of asset transfers.

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